I request membership in the Garden State Akita Club, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the Club. I pledge to abide by the Constitution and By-laws of the Club and subscribe to the ACA Code Of Ethics. I pledge myself to strict compliance with the Rules and Regulations of the Club and those of the American Kennel Club., Inc. I pledge to do all the things possible to advance the best interest of the Akita Breed, and to strive for better care, control and breeding practices. I pledge to maintain the Breed Standard, and to foster and maintain among the Club Members warm friendship and the highest ethical standards of sportsmanship.

Dues: Single $15.00__________ Family $30.00__________

Annual renewals on January 1st. One-half (1/2) rate applies July 1st to December 31st

Make check payable To: GARDEN STATE AKITA CLUB, INC

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Number of Akitas you have owned: _____________

How long have you owned Akitas? ___________________

Number of Akita registered litters bred to date?_____________________________ Number of non-registered litters?________________________________________ Reason for non-registered litters?_____________________________________________

Number of AKC Point Shows or Obedience Trials exhibited in the past 3 years? ____

Other Dog Clubs or activities you support or participate in? ______________________

Briefly state why you want to become a member ________________________________


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SIGNATURE APPLICANT :2 (If joint application)______________________________

GSAC SPONSORS: I have know this Applicant for a minimum period of six (6) months



Send Application to

Cheryl Burns,Vice Pres. GSAC, 299 Antietam Road Temple, PA 19560





This Code is established in accordance with the objectives of Article II of the Garden State Akita Club (GSAC) constitution and by-laws. All GSAC members have an obligation to protect the Akita and it‘s future by putting the breed‘s welfare before any consideration of profit or personal advantage and by protecting the breed from exploitation, irresponsible promotion and careless breeding. Violations of the GSAC Code of Ethics will be considered misconduct prejudicial to the best interest of the Club or the Breed under this Club‘s constitution and by-laws.

Regarding Membership:

Members will abide by the Constitution and By-laws of the GSAC and the rules and regulations of the Akita Club of America (ACA) and the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Members will not use their membership in the GSAC as a vehicle to further their personal gain.

Members will follow the rules of good sportsmanship in all Akita competitions and activities, thereby being a credit to the sport of purebred dogs, the GSAC and themselves.

Members will also make an earnest attempt to help and befriend novice exhibitors and Akita owners.

Members will, make an earnest and sincere attempt, to keep informed in the field of genetics and work to eliminate hereditary defects from the Breed.

Members will maintain their animals in the best standard of canine health, cleanliness in accordance with customary and usual standards.

Regarding Breeding:

All members of the GSAC are not breeders, but those members of this Club that choose to breed are expected to abide by the following guidelines under this Code of Ethics.

Breeders will only breed Akitas that they believe exemplify the Breed. This breeding stock shall be in good health and free from communicable diseases and breed detrimental faults at the time of the mating.

Breeders will refrain from using a female for breeding prior to her third season or before the age of 18 months. n

Breeders shall screen prospective breeding stock for hip dysplasia with a rating, by a qualified veterinary radiologist, that clears the prospective Akita of the condition of dysplasia. Further, Breeders shall only use Akitas whose eyes have been examined by a qualified ophthalmologist and found to be free of signs of known genetic ocular deformities at the time of the mating.

Breeders will, refrain from using an Akita who, although free from the above health issues, consistently produces afflicted offspring.

Breeders will not deal with dog wholesalers or sell puppies to Pet Shops. Furthermore, Members/Breeders will refuse to wholesale (buy or sell) any breed dog, singly or in litters lots, realizing that we as dog fanciers are responsible for not only our breed but for others as well.

Breeders/Members will not sell or donate a live animal for research or experimental purposes, or for a prize of any purpose.

Breeders will not misrepresent an Akita for sale with regards to health, pedigree, physical conformation or temperament, nor will a member willingly engage in false or misleading advertising, either written or oral.

Breeders will prior to entering into a breeding agreement, carefully analyze the conformation and pedigrees of the prospective sire and dam. The Breeder should not permit or allow the breeding to take place, if it will not, in their opinion, be in the best interest of the breed. If service is refused, the reason should be fully explained to the other owner.

Breeders will fully explain to all prospective Akita purchasers the advantages as well as the disadvantages of owning an Akita and will be there to educate and to assist said purchasers should any problems arise.

Breeders will make a concerted effort to assure themselves that puppies produced by their bitches and/or dogs are purchased by responsible owners who will provide those animals with proper and permanent homes.

Breeder/Members of this club acknowledge an obligation to the welfare of the breed, in particular those puppies they have bred.

Breeders will provide sales contracts containing the sales arrangements including all adjustments, replacements conditions, and will require that the breeder be contacted whenever an owner can no longer keep a dog at any time in the dog‘s life. The breeder may either assist in the placement of, accept the return of, or contribute to said dog‘s expenses should the dog be placed with Rescue.

Breeders will include in all breeding contracts a stipulation that no puppies resulting from a breeding will be wholesaled, sold, or given to any pet shops or known wholesaler, brokers or dealers, or given as a prize or for medical research.

Breeders will sell any Akita, deemed by the breeder, as a pet on a spay/neuter contract and/or AKC Limited Registration.

Breeder/Exporters will make an earnest and sincere attempt to verify that the recipient of the animal is an honest and respected breeder among his/her peers, and is not a wholesaler, pet shop owner or pet broker.


I/We have read the above Code and I/We understand that breach of this Code may cause dismissal from the GSAC, as provided in the Constitution and By-laws.

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